‘USA Weekend’ shuts as costs spike and ads tumble

USA Weekend, the second-largest Sunday newspaper magazine in the United States, will print its final edition on Dec. 28, succumbing to soaring distribution costs and plunging advertising.

The circulation of the Sunday supplement, which was stuffed into newspapers delivered to as many as 70 million homes a few years back, has fallen today to about 18 million, according to a knowledgeable source at Gannett Inc., the parent of the publication.

With advertising sales collapsing by nearly half in the last few years, USA Weekend was expected to produce about $40 million in revenue in 2014, yielding losses in excess of $10 million in each of the last two years, according to the source, who declined to be identified because s/he is not authorized to speak with the press.

Some 30 advertising and editorial staffers will lose their jobs in the shutdown…

USA Weekend is published by USA Today. Print newspapers are finding the going increasing tough owing to the rise of the Internat.

  • ntt1

    interesting observation made in the last year or so of dentists and doctors waiting rooms most magazines have disappeared, even that ubiquitous readers digest about I am Joes kidney, now everybody is glued to their telephones (imagine that 15 years ago) or listening to music. waiting rooms used to be where old magazines went to die but no longer, I used to enjoy two or three magazines which I subscribed to. but now enjoy better choices on line.

    • Frau Katze

      I’ve still seen a rather slimmed-down Reader’s Digest in a waiting room. Not quite gone yet.

  • The Phantom

    “Print newspapers are finding the going increasing tough owing to the rise of the Internat.”

    Yeah, because of all us “nobodies” fact checking magazine’s bullshit on the Internat. You read something in USA Today, and hours after it comes out random blogs are blowing it out of the water, and the story becomes what lie got published in USA TODAY this week.

    Pretty soon, people stop buying. Because why would they buy a newspaper they know is full of shit?

    • Blacksmith

      I see you and I are on the same page here. I work in the print industry (books) and it is really suffering, but news print media is worse and it is because of the BS that they print and claim is news when it is actually leftist opinion.

  • Blacksmith

    The reason most of these are failing is their liberal bias, I travel and the USA today is in every hotel, I only take it when I am on a driving trip. I can start a fire in the stove about 5 times for every paper, that is all they are good for if you don’t have bird cages.