UK: Immigration’s ‘dark side’: a challenge for the left

Discussing immigration purely in economic terms neglects the need to talk about social, political and electoral realities. Labour must be conscious that the erosion of social cohesion caused by immigration can create significant challenges for the successful delivery of a left-wing programme

The spectacular rise in support for the UK Independence party has, at its root, widespread concerns among ordinary people that immigration has become excessive. The instinctive response of the intellectual left has been to dismiss these concerns as a mixture of proxies for racism and misunderstandings of economic realities.

The response from the radical chic has been social condescension: Englishness is naff and the St George’s flag risible. But these responses have in turn induced a dangerously debilitating reaction from ordinary people. They infer that political elites are disconnected from the realities that they themselves face. Roma arrive on the housing estates of Sheffield, not the lovely homes of Hampstead…

A member of the left is admitting there might be a problem? I can’t believe it: they seem to be responding to UKIP, which suggests that the only way to get results is by organizing politically.

  • ontario john

    Western countries are being forced into massive immigration by leftists, who believe in immigration at any cost. In the Saturday Star, is a major article on an Iranian teacher who hates Canadian culture, who buys into the genocide of indians, is critical of students that are interested only in getting good jobs(the horror), and admits that most arab and Iranian immigrants don’t consider themselves Canadians first. And of course the Star thinks this is great.

  • glasnost

    … core beliefs. That the rise in diversity in England has been a net benefit to the non-immigrant population is not in dispute.

    But the “Left” still can’t get far from their core dogma. Instead he prescribes a formula for the Labour Party to maintain power through a “rethink” of its current (and historic) irresponsible actions. You are correct gnädige Frau, they are very very afraid.

    Go UKIP.

    • winniec

      The tide of public opinion has turned against the Leftard social engineers.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It looks like UKIP has hit the political establishment like a cold slap in the face.

  • winniec

    The Pally terrorist families, the Pakistani cousin marriages or the Gypsy caravaners should be plonked down on the same street of the politicians who voted for their entry. Then there would be consequence when these MPs have to live with their decisions. (I know, I’m dreaming.) The pols think it’s compassionate as long as they don’t have to live with it themselves. NOT COMPASSIONATE for those in the projects who are suffering already!