Turkish ‘World Bulletin’ unhappy that Myanmar Buddhists are contemplating the same rules as Islam

Burmese Buddhist monks rally on the streets of Mandalay on Sunday, September 2, 2012 as they support the country’s president, Thein Sein, who has called for the deportation of members of the Muslim minority Rohingyas, who live in Rakhine State. Photo: AFP Source.

Myanmar is set to adopt marriage laws that rights groups fear will trample women’s rights and fuel religious discrimination.

A group of ultranationalist Buddhist monks, known as Mabatha, have spearheaded a campaign to require Buddhist women to seek permission to marry men of other religions.

The monks – who have been accused of inspiring sectarian violence against non-Buddhists, particularly Arakan (Rohingya) Muslims – claim interfaith marriage leads to forced conversions and is eroding Myanmar’s national identity, which many people consider deeply entwined with Buddhist faith.

The package of laws has been approved by President Thein Sein and is due to be debated by parliament next month.

The bill also proposes limiting the number of children people can have in certain regions and require anyone wishing to change religion to get government permission, a process that would take months…

No fair!  Discrimination!  Women’s rights!  Only Muslims are permitted to have such requirements. 

  • BillyHW

    I wonder how much the muzzies will complain if the started putting to death converts to islam?

  • (SEE: goose, gander, sauce)

    Why is Buddhist discrimination worse than Islamic discrimination?

    • Minicapt

      It makes Mohammed cry.


    • Justin

      It is NOT discrimination at all. These Buddhists in Myanmar know very well that their religious beliefs and Buddhist culture is endanger from islamic supremacists and their fagheaded and jihad supporting Western backers and they have decided to fight back in order to protect their Buddhist culture and identity from islamo-fascist supramacists and their Western fagheaded backers. This marriage bill is just one method of fighting back and since these Buddists in Myanmar are not yet (Thankfully) infected with the emasculating and terrible Western diseases of “liberal democracy” and political-correctness, they still have the spine to stand up and fight for their religion, culture and identity. Let us just pray and hope that these infectious Western diseases of political-correctness and “liberal democracy” will not take root in that country, because if they do take root, then islamo-fascists and their Western backers will be emboldened, and the locals will lose their sipine and religious idenity and will be totally emasculated and violent jihad and mass-murder of Buddhists will start very quickly there.

      • Well, yeah, it is.

        What can be achieved through other means is being achieved through extremism. The Burmese aren’t stupid. When they see that they have better lives than their emotionally retarded Islamist brethren, they tend to avoid the pratfalls of that culture. I assume there are already laws against coercion in Burma.

        How long do think Muslims will take this lying down? As they are the stabby-beheady-explodey types, not very.

        Furthermore, as it has been established that “liberal democracy” (as John Locke et al have seen it) is disgusting to you, one wonders why you even care about totalitarianism, save Putin’s brand of it.

  • Muslims, being whiny, whine about this single case of discrimination all the time.

    Well guess what? The Burmese already have enough problems. They don’t want to become Bangladesh. I’m crying.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Once again Burma’s Buddhists are an example to us all.

    The sooner Canadian Muslim men can be barred from marrying Christian women—and both severely punished for consorting with each other—the better.

  • YesWeCan

    Unfortunately all these trouble making muzzies from Myanmar are migrating to India as a result of this move. These muzzies are Bengali speaking people originally hailing from Bangladesh which is an Islamic country. However no one wants to goto Bangladesh. Instead they come to India and make mischief.

    • Frau Katze

      Myanmar is likely stuck with the Rohingya. It seems unlikely that in this day and age, they could expel them. Unfortunate that they want to go India. No one wants them. Big surprise. Muslims are pain in the neck to everyone.

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