Toronto Police Services Board Chairman Alok Mukherjee under fire for Facebook post

Mayor John Tory says Toronto Police Services Board chairman Alok Mukherjee committed an “error in judgement” with a Facebook posting that sparked the Toronto Police Association’s call for his resignation. TPA President Mike McCormack called for Mukherjee to quit on Friday in the wake of a Facebook post he shared Thursday that compared the numbers of Americans killed by ISIS, Ebola and police officers. Mukherjee didn’t resign and instead issued a statement saying he “regrets the reaction” the posting caused. Tory — a new member of the police board — said he didn’t think Mukherjee’s response to the outcry was adequate.

  • Gary

    Typical weasel words , I had someone try to excuse away their ignorance and cruel comment at me by apologizing for getting me upset.
    BULL, I will NEVER let one of these gutless losers blame me for standing up for my values and having some self worth to stand for something. The Liberal Progressives think that they are just being honest when they verbally abuse someone and then are too dense to know they were cruel and somehow think the victim has the problem.
    Just look at Wynne, McGuinty , Justin , and the Human Rights Commissions that do more harm than good just because their conscience is numb to the harm their policies inflict on the same ones they try to help from their twisted logic and reasoning.

    • Justin

      He is probably right!

  • Clink9

    Sounds like this guy is testing John Tory.

    • Possibly so.

    • Strife Moribund

      If that is the case then lets hope that John Tory steps up and fires his a$$ sending a message to anyone else that wants to see if they can push their own leftist agendas with impunity under the new mayor’s watch.

      • Pete_Brewster

        While you’re at it, you might as well hope for a pony.

        • Reader

          John Tory can’t fire him, he is one of the Ontario Liberal government appointees to the board.

          It is Kathleen Wynne’s government who legally must take action or the Board which votes for the Chair each January must vote him out as the Chair.

          The Chair gets an annual salary of $90,963 and other provincial appointees get $8,791 annually.

          So either the board can vote him out as the Chair but he will will remain on the board receiving the lesser salary, or the province must take action to remove him as their appointee.

          • Strife Moribund

            Thanks for the info. W should all be emailing, tweeting, calling etc. kathleen Wynee, for all the good it will do anyway.

  • Strife Moribund

    Alok Mukherjee obviously has a bias against police and for someone in his position that is simply not allowable.

    The fact that he is not intelligent enough, or simply doesn’t care to see through the infantile misdirection employed by the poster does not speak well of him either. 500 people killed each year by police? Failing to mention that the largest majority of the people were involved in felony offences at the time is reprehensibly misleading at the least and a gross and calculated attempt at obfuscation of the facts at worst.

    All of that being said, Alok Mukherjee should consider himself lucky that he was allowed the dignity of resignation. He should have been removed immediately without any consideration for his reputation etc.

    • Pete_Brewster

      I’m sure he has nothing against cops, as long as they don’t investigate Muslim crime when they can be harassing loyal Torontonians.