Swiss photographer held hostage by Muslims for two years escapes by cutting captor’s throat

A Swiss wildlife photographer who was held hostage by Islamic extremists for more than two years has dramatically escaped to his freedom by cutting his captor’s throat with a machete.

Hostage Lorenzo Vinciguerra bravely fled from his kidnappers during a clash between insurgents and governments troops in the southern Philippines.

The 49-year-old and Dutch photographer Ewold Horn had been captured in February 2012 by rebels of the Aby Sayyaf group while on a bird-watching trip in Tawi-Tawi province.

  • Cutting his throat, that sounds like fair play.

    • Amnesty International will now accuse him of genocide.

    • DVult

      Halal of a good move.

  • ontario john

    He will probably be charged by human rights groups.

  • Dana Garcia

    Awesome knife-man behavior. Apparently the jihad boys were careless with their machetes.

    BTW, I thought that 40-year jihad in the Philippines had been settled by a historic peace deal last spring. The hudna didn’t last long, seems like.

  • G

    Good for him.

  • Nan

    He assimilated.