Short answer – NO: Canada must accept thousands more Syrian refugees: Amnesty International

Long answer: NO

OTTAWA – Canada must open its doors and sponsor 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next two years, Amnesty International says.

Alex Neve, the human rights group’s secretary general, says Canada must do more to help those from the war-torn country resettle.

“There has not been a refugee crisis of this magnitude for generations,” Neve told reporters Friday.

“Canada should be leading the charge with this crisis.”

Of the 2,343 private sponsorship claimants, only 163 have been processed, Neve said.

Pic is from Toronto’s Refugee Enrichment Day aka al Quds Day at Queen’s Park.

  • Barry the Black Panther

    No no no ! Canada has to start housing homeless veterans instead of possible war criminals.

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    Canada can decide who can or cant be accepted not the UN,NATO or the Muslim brotherhood.

  • ed

    how about Jordon , then again theirs no welfare !

    • winniec

      We should even pay Arab countries to take the refugees, rather than take this burden ourselves.

      • Frau Katze

        The Gulf states could afford. Amnesty criticized them too. Coming up later.

    • Pete_Brewster

      Plenty have gone to Jordan. They wore out their welcome in no time.

  • winniec

    Saudi Arabia created the Wahhabism that is inflaming ISIS. Iran encouraged and armed Hezbollah and the Iraqi Shi’ite death squads.
    LET THEM CLEAN UP THEIR OWN MESS! They created the crisis; they should deal with it.

  • marty_p

    Attention Alex Naive:
    Canada will take in as many Syrian refugees as Saudi Arabia does.

  • winniec

    Don’t bring any more terrorists into Canada or terrorist ENABLERS like the ones in the picture above. There were several thousand terrorists at the Queen’s Park protest. That’s only the GTA! Across Canada there are many THOUSANDS more. When they reach several hundred thousands, Canada will have car burnings, terrorist attacks and policing problems on a DAILY BASIS.
    It’s time to say ‘NO’ to terrorist importation!

  • mobuyus

    Alex Nieve is the whiningest little man to ever slide off the rainbow.He should not dictate anything to Canada.Nieve is a usefull idiots usefull idiot.As sad as it may seem if these refuges are safe where they are leave them there.Alex hates us and he hates the old Canada he grew up in.And would enjoy watching its slow destruction.This filcher harbours dictatorial fantasies.

    • Amnesty are shills for Islam.

      • Exile1981

        I notice they put out the list of “political” prisoners each year – ie people jailed for their political views. They hardly ever list any in islamic nations but for numerous years listed dozens of serial murderers and rapists in US prisons as “political” prisoners.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Long answer: When loyal Canadians have had enough of Islam, let’s see if anybody volunteers to take in the thousands of Muslim “refugees” who’ll flee Canada during the year-long amnesty.

    I mean by amnesty what it actually means: “We know you plotted against the Queen, but if you promise to leave never come back we won’t bother putting a price on your head.”

  • truepeers

    Syria is just the start of the coming FUBARization of the MENA. There are probably going to be hundreds of millions of refugees from the implosion of the arab-islamic world, a culture that has failed the tests of the modern world, and that is why many of them want to destroy the world that feeds them and reduce populations to those that Sharia living can handle. At some point, the West has to recognize we can’t save but a tiny fraction.

    • Europe is too afraid. We are too liberal. The world economy is a Ponzi scheme. This will not end well.

  • ontario john

    Vote whores of all stripes in Ottawa must be drooling at all those potential voters. And think of the poor corporations who could use all that cheap labour.

  • Allan

    Anmesty Int’l can just fuck off and die.

    • barryjr

      Awesome post mirrors my thoughts exactly.

  • Gary

    Gee, any reason why other nations around syria don’t want them .

  • simus1

    The refugee criteria to enter Canada should be very simple:
    if you have long standing bona fides as a public supporter of democracy, opposition to tyrants, and are in fear of your life from those who oppose you.
    If you are a member of a terrorist persecuted non muslim religious minority with no background of collaboration with muslim terrorist groups well known to be guilty of widespread atrocities.
    If you are a muslim who has endangered himself and his immediate family by protecting/ assisting those from the first two categories to escape and avoid death.

    The huge majority of the displaced who don’t make the cut should get Canadian gov aid to help them cope with the conditions in which they now find themselves.

    • Gary

      Ever since the Vietnamese scam for refugees we have been an easy target to set-up Terrorism fund raising and help other nations solve the social ills by shipping their oppressed to Canada.
      We now have a Welfare Industrial Complex eating into our health care funding for Vets and seniors in general. Lets solve the homeless crisis for those people sleeping on the streets because of the White Privilege to be screwed-over first.
      Today we have the 15’000 bogus refugee from Mexico that forced us to impose a Travel Visa to stop them from flooding our welfare system .
      There are 7 billion people outside of Canada and as much as I’d like to rescue them all, Suzuki says we need to stop taking in people because we pollute and are a danger to the Earth.
      As for the Veitnam crisis, 1000’s of pro-VC people also fled Vietnam in the guise of Refugees to follow the real victims and set-up shop here with gangs and extortion. It would be cheaper to send money to keep them in a near by safe nation because it taxes our Police and social services , plus they self-segregate anyway and now I see the Vietnamese want to give Names to places so they feel back at home within Canada.
      Ontario is heading to a 1/2 trillion dollar debt with no plan to get that spending monkey of Wynne’s back . Watch how fast the rats abandon ship when were broke and find some other sucker nation to parachute into.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Add White South Africans.

  • G

    We already bear more than our share of the world’s problems.

    These people never seem to be able to get their shit together in their home countries. Why would we think their behavior would instantly and miraculously change the moment they set foot in Canada?

  • minuteman

    Screw them. The muslim world is big enough to take any and all muslim refugees. If we take muslims as refugees we are just importing the war we are fighting over there. It didn’t take long for the Somali refugees we so generously took in to ware out there welcome.

  • J. C.

    When the F*** did Amnesty Int. become our PM or the Queen?!?!?!
    Bugger off, douchebags!

  • Reader

    If Alex Neve thinks Canada should take in Syrian refugess, then as a pilot project, I suggest Alex Neve should sponsor a number of refugees, sign a contract to pay for all their expenses for ten years and allow them to live with him in his home for two years (of 10 years he will contract to do this) first to see how that works out before considering any increases in Canada.