Israel’s biggest problem: Being a ‘white settlement’

A large part of Israel’s problem internationally is that it is viewed as an essentially white power, prevailing militarily and economically over officially sanctified minorities.  As a result, the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict was not written by the victors – at least not the history promulgated by critical race theorists, anti-colonialists, and the current U.S. administration.

In a Guardian book review written months before 9/11, we find a candid racial expression of the modern multicultural leftist view of Israel:

For Israel’s new historians, among them [Tom] Segev and Naomi Shepherd, the Zionist project is part of the saga of white settlement, as in north America and Rhodesia. The settlers declared independence only when they no longer required the mother country’s soldiers to subdue the natives. Presenting Israelis as colonisers, rather than as enemies of imperialism, was once the preserve of Palestinian and Marxist writers.


h/t Marvin

  • luna

    One form of hatred of Israel that has found a foothold in the west is funny enough hatred of the west itself. Israel is thus considered guilty by association.

    Noan Chomsky, et al. may be a brilliant, unfortunately when it comes to politics (Chomsky’s a self described anarchist) the west (by virtue of being a superpower) is vilified. This is dangerous, and it has consequences, not only for Israel.

    • Frau Katze

      Good point.

  • Iamnotweetoddit

    You cant commit genocide against a bunch of folks to whom you transfer 15 billion dollars into their useless hands, and allow their chiefs to steal most of it.

  • simus1

    marxists were all in favour of Israel when Stalin viewed it as a convenient jumping off point from which to subvert post WW2 western influence in the muslim ruled oil states of the middle east.

    • Martin B

      If it wasn’t for its “white settlers” South Africa would be nothing but a Stone Age shithole, much like “Palestine” without any Jews.

      • Pete_Brewster

        Without her whites that’s exactly what Zimbabwe has become.

  • Rebnatan
  • Alain

    Nothing like ignoring that neither all Jews nor all Israelis are white, nor that Jewish presence in the land pre-dated the rebirth of Israel. Yes, it was smaller but it existed. That gives the lie to the claim that they all came from Europe as “settlers”. Furthermore the Arabs for the most part are just as white, but then that is also ignored. What the neo-marxists resent and in fact hate is the success of the Jews living in the same area as the Arabs who for the most part remain backwards and without any form of success other than violence.

  • Alain

    I cannot resist also commenting on the absurdity of “Canada’s genocidal Indian Act policy”, since even the hint of scrapping this outdated and ridiculous policy in the 21st century is met with screams and cries from the same idiots along with Indian politicians who fear losing their cash cow. Again it is damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The truth remains that the majority of Canadians would like to see the Indian Act scrapped so that all Canadians are treated equally, but when Trudeau Sr. tried it all hell broke loose from the vested interests (Native politicians and leftist consultants for the same).

  • Pete_Brewster

    Yes, Israel is a settler nation like Rhodesia. That’s why Israel stood by South Africa and Rhodesia, whose struggle was her own, and Ulster (yet another settler nation) stands by her now—and all British settler nations like Canada should.

    Anybody objecting to the presence of European settlers outside Europe should consider the alternative. Didn’t support Rhodesia? Hope you’re happy with Zimbabwe, where the Africans weep for the days of Ian Smith when they were the best-fed natives south of the Sahara.

    The destruction of Israel is in nobody’s interest, least of all the Arabs, who owe the Jews whatever semblance of civilization and development the Holy Land possesses. The real question is how long the Arabs will continue to enjoy gifts they clearly don’t appreciate.

    • Clausewitz

      And we wont even get into the fact that Arabs in Israel have many more rights than they would have if they were back in their Arabic homelands.

  • DD_Austin

    They’re right, The Indian Act is genocidal, by giving them everything, they do
    nothing, they don’t change, they never have to. They’re as helpless and ignorant
    as they were when the first white men found them, starving, dieased and in
    neverending tribal war with their equally pathetic neighbours.

    The biggest crock of progressive Hollywood shit ever sold was the “Noble Savage”

  • masseltov

    “…being a white settlement.”
    come on, kitty, don’t make me laugh.