Islamic State group support grows in Jordan town

The black flag used by Islamic State was flown in the main square in the Jordanian town of Maan in July, 2014. Source.

MAAN, Jordan (AP) — Local authorities quickly stripped away public signs of support for the Islamic State group in this desert town. Black flags have been removed from rooftops. Graffiti proclaiming the extremists’ imminent victory have been whitewashed.

But supporters of the Middle East’s most radical extremist group are only laying low after their surprise show of strength in protests last summer. Despite government efforts, support for the Islamic State group is growing in Maan and elsewhere in Jordan, one of the West’s key allies in the region, say Islamic State activists, members of rival groups and experts on political Islam.

One of the leading Islamic State group activists in Maan said he and others are still working to build their base…