France: Far-right mayor refuses to remove nativity scene

A far-right French mayor, supported by the National Front, is sticking to his guns by refusing to take down the Christmas crib in the town hall, despite being warned it’s against the country’s principle of secularism.

Robert Ménard, who is in charge of Beziers, installed the nativity scene, a traditional feature of a Christian Christmas in the hall of the building, despite opposition from other political groups.

No sooner was it installed than Menard received a letter from the prefecture warning him that it was against France’s principal of secularism (laïcité), the strict separation of the state from all things religious…

  • Sir Barrington Minge

    I don’t suppose an ISIS flag would have generated the same result.

  • Xavier

    Use liberal logic against them: “It’s not religious, it’s a nativity scene. Now STFU.”

  • ontario john

    Yes its that Christmas season again when leftists around the world target the greatest evil on the planet, “Christianity”. And we have the traditional tv shows this time of year from our brave CBC who have another in a long list shows on the most evil religion in history, “The Catholic Church”. This time on the church’s finances. Merry Christmas from the left.

  • Surele Surele

    but Muslims ARE allowed to pray in the public square!