FBI Pulled Official to Prevent Testimony at Key Anti-Terror Hearing

The FBI refused to appear before Congress earlier this week to testify on the threats posed to American citizens by foreign fighters and other extremists who have traveled from Western countries to fight alongside the Islamic State (IS), according to multiple congressional sources familiar with the situation.

The FBI initially agreed to provide a witness for Tuesday’s House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing regarding the threats posed to the U.S. homeland by extremists affiliated with IS (also known as ISIL or ISIS), according to those apprised of the situation.

  • ontario john

    Everyone in the West is afraid to talk about islam. And the liberal media, political, and mainstream religious elites actually support the anti-western beliefs of islam. The Saturday Star has major articles on the massacre of women 25 years ago, but in the same edition finds nothing wrong with reporting that it’s normal during the funeral of the woman and her kids in Toronto that women were separated from men in adjoining rooms.

  • Gettingby

    More proof that “democracies” are not run by those we elect. Voting is just a suppressionist tool used by “power” to perpetuate the myth that the masses and their appointed representative have control of their lives and societies. Voting reinforces our delusion that chaos is controllable. Voting eliminates or minimalizes the fear that powerlessness evokes. Voting allows us assign blame to others while exonerating ourselves for playing a rigged game. Voting allows us to maintain the fiction that most people are good and that the power we incorporate in them will be used for the benefit and security of all, not just for themselves.

    EVIL=SELF Almost every action people undertake is for “themselves” or for those they have a “self interest” in. Evil is crooked and weaves in and out of the traffic of life adapting and changing as needed to reach a desire.

    GOOD is a learned behaviour and comes through putting others needs and interests before your own. Good is a series of straight lines laid down that are inviolate. Good will not and cannot bend or compromise.

    The world is and always was about SELF

    Politicians, bureaucrats, courts and an endless array of self serving individuals and bodies view themselves as Gods, unencumbered by the rules and regulations that they have created to enslaves the masses. They consolidate power and wealth and use it to indoctrinate, disarm, and enslave the peons who sweat and bleed for the privilege of funding their fiefdoms.

    Coverups, obscuration, and lying are simply outward manifestations of the inner selfishness that is endemic to humanity. I no longer have any interest in their games. I’m done…..Today I surrender to Christ.

    Tertullian writes: “[Christians] have nothing to do, in speech, sight or hearing, with the madness of the circus, the shamelessness of the theatre, the savagery of the arena, the vanity of the gymnasium . . . we reject what pleases you; what pleases us gives you no delight.”


    • David

      But how does your short treatise on selfishness help us to address the existential threat posed by the death cult?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Another congressional source with knowledge of what took place said that the FBI told members and committee staff that “they had nothing to say in an unclassified setting.” ”
    It’s hard to tell when that excuse is legit or not, especially with this administration.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Perhaps the FBI’s experience with Congress might it explain it.