Al-Qaeda terror chief behind London and New York bomb plots is killed in army shoot-out

One of al-Qaeda’s most senior leaders who had been implicated in plots to blow up the London Underground and the New York metro has been killed during a raid on his hideout in Pakistan.

Adnan Shukrijumah, the terror group’s chief of global operations, died along with two other suspected terrorists in Pakistan’s South Waziristan tribal area early on Saturday, the country’s military said.

Shukrijumah was found hiding in a compound following an army operation to hunt him down. A New York court has accused Shukrijumah, who lived in the US for 15 years, of being the mastermind behind a series of plots against the West, including plans to blow up the London Underground and trains in new York and Norway.

Terrorists hiding in Pakisatan! I can’t believe it!

h/t DS

  • ontario john

    More goats are saved from sexual enslavement. Did they find the rest of Osama’s porn collection?

    • I misspelled Pakistan as Pakisatan, I think it’s better that way.

      • ntt1

        According to CBC diction it is actually pockystun

        • Petrilla

          They need to sound smart so copy Obama. Pokeystun. Say it out loud, there don’t you feel so much smarter. Poseurs, the lot, might not seem so smart when they get quizzed about Ghomeshi. Grilled.

          • ntt1

            agreed, they will sweat pistachios

  • chayisun

    Yes, another terror chief is supposedly killed. In Pakistan, no less. How Pakistan’s army actually found this thug is a question that should be answered. I mean, the Paki’s….Sorry…..The Pakistani’s are not exactly known for their intelligence. Must have stumbled upon him cowering in some garbage heap. Maybe after he shot at them they sort of figured out he was not one of theirs.

    Anyway, this news flash must be true because Pakistan reported the news. I mean, when has Pakistan EVER lied about anything.

    Do not be surprised if this piece of garbage doesn’t wash up on some exotic beachfront, released by the Paki’s….Oops……Pakistani’s……. to spend the rest of his miserable existence enjoying the forbidden fruits of various sheep and goats while plotting his next attack. With the help if the paki “secret” service.

  • Minicapt

    The unbelievable bit would be “hiding”.


  • Petrilla

    Taking it at face value, three more down, only a few million to go. Carry on bravely.