Yup, that’s one fat Cat

Judging by these pictures he’s none too happy about it, but Britain’s fattest cat now has his own personal trainer.

Ulric, who weighs 2st 2lbs, is getting back into shape with the help of a puppy.

The Norwegian Forest cat – who at a staggering 2st 2lbs is twice the weight of a normal feline – has been on a diet since last year but barely lost a pound.

  • moraywatson

    Right! One puppy for breakfast. And another puppy for dinner, washed down with a Slimfast shake. That cat will be melting off the pounds in no time.

    (PS. No actual puppies were consumed in the posting of this comment.)

  • Exile1981

    That would be 30lbs as 14lbs = 1 stone.

    • Monster Cat!

      • Frau Katze

        He seems not just fat but also very large.

        • Blacksmith

          Norwegians are a large breed one of the biggest if memory serves. We have a kitten that may end up being over 29LB if he is what we think and that is a Maine coon breed. He was a stray we found.

  • ntt1

    now that’s an arm load, I think he should be left alone to dream. Of mice in tiny little wheel chairs , flightless birds and other diverse helpless little furry snackables

  • Barry the Black Panther

    Ulric is almost as big as a … black panther (4 legged)

  • No, he’s just puffy.

  • simus1

    Poor creature must be in terrible condition trying to drag all that weight around.
    Something doesn’t add up.
    If it is let out, it should be followed – it could wind up at the nearby home of a very skinny dog being fed outside?.