You won’t believe what Eleanor Holmes Norton told Hannity about Ferguson

From Twitchy.

  • winniec

    “Don’t confuse me with the actual facts, because my mind is already made up.”

    “Oh, those pesky, inconvenient, undeniable facts in the Grand Jury transcript…that’s why I don’t read books… they are elitist… I know something by merely looking it up in my gut! My GUT tells me all the truth I want to know. What do judges, lawyers, scientists and juries know if they contradict my GUT?”

  • Alain

    Truth and facts never matter to the agenda-driven like this poor excuse of a human being. It is the same with all the protests against the oil sands, pipelines and just about everything else. This is why there can never be any debate or discussion with these people. It is a waste of time and energy. What should be done is to apply the rule of law across the land and to stop giving them microphones to spout their lies. Of course in a true totalitarian country, like they claim, they would simply be rounded up and put down. Should they win this war, that is exactly how they will treat anyone who dissents from their agenda, make no mistake about it.

    As for the show she should have been called out for the racist bigot and hatemonger that she is.