UBC grad student: ‘I stood up for Michael Brown and all I got were these lousy excuses for systemic racism’

Little Caesar’s burns to the ground in Ferguson, Missouri.

Several nights ago, Ferguson, Missouri, erupted. It was a fiery and explosive demonstration of (out)rage.

It was also a fiery and explosive demonstration of hooliganism…

s200_leticia_pamela.garciaLeticia Pamela Garcia. Research Interests: Latino students, Latin American Immigration, Latino/as in Canada, Education, and Social Sciences (from UBC site)

I’m not saying I at all agree with unrestrained vandalism, theft, and destruction. Because I don’t. But I am saying that, in the heat of the moment, it is so much easier to focus on the “flash bangs” than it is to sit back and carefully examine the layers of porous foundation that lead to such a “spectacular” and “immediate” display of fire and flames.

The truth is pressure against the injustices which limit, degrade, criminalize, and marginalize Black, Brown, multi-coloured, and impoverished communities has been building for so much longer than the last 100 days.

It has been building since the moment human beings created the structures to systemically, and violently, take away the rights, dignities, knowledges, and cultures from another set of human beings in order proclaim the superiority of their own values and beliefs. It has been building since these groups, through various forms of physical and structural violence, attempted to diminish the humanity of others in order to render them sub-human, property, Others…

…Michael Brown matters because all lives matter. All. Lives. Matter. Black lives matter.

Leticia Pamela Garcia is a master’s student in society, culture, and politics in education at the University of British Columbia. She completed her undergraduate education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.