‘The sound of our dead bodies’? Baltimore protesters ‘stay militant’ at lighting ceremony, shout down choir

Protesters seem to be attracted to holiday lighting festivities like moths. As Twitchy reported, a mob of Ferguson protesters crashed the tree lighting in Seattle, surrounding and terrifying young children gathered on stage to perform holiday music. Demonstrators in Philadelphia booed a children’s choir as they tried to sing Christmas carols. And in New York City last night, protesters convened but missed out on their dream to burn down the tree at Rockefeller Center.

More at Twitchy.

Not going to be a peaceful holiday this December.

  • FactsWillOut

    Yesterday, someone close to me went to buy a legal product sold on
    the free market. He was forced to pull over by a well-organized gang of thugs with guns and radios, and was told that he can only get this
    product from thug-approved suppliers, they took down his name and
    license number, and told him that next time, they will confiscate his
    car and house, and fine him into bankruptcy if he ever gets caught
    buying tobacco from a non thug-approved source.

    Selling “loosies” should not be illegal, and these types of laws are just a form of crony/monopoly enforcement, no different than mafias.

    This cops should have been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

    • Uncle_Waspy

      A guy selling single cigarettes. That’s not even low hanging fruit. That’s over ripened fruit that fell off the tree onto the ground.

      You’d think the authorities would have much bigger priorities. But they don’t. They do not serve the people — they serve whatever system compensates them the most for doing the least.

      • Minicapt

        New York City, it sets standards.


  • Surely destroying Christmas is the line in the sand for even the most bovine low-information voter.

    • Exile1981

      Evidently not, look online and see all the people who “feel the pain” of the protestors.

  • reidjr

    The legacy could be not baout the two black men who died but how the protesters did ruin Christmas real nice legacy.

    • Maggat

      And…I suspect islamists may have had a hand in fomenting these problems regarding a Christian custom.

      • occupant 9

        Yup, and those folks just aren’t happy unless they spread their misery upon everyone who doesn’t share their particular mental/political malady.

  • FactsWillOut

    UnHo at AT summed things up nicely:

    Police are the representatives of government, especially in a big,
    anonymous city (less so, but still true in varying degrees, in rural
    parishes/counties where the Sheriff is elected). The author above
    states that police are the government (I can’t disagree) and no less
    than G. Washington posited that “Government is not eloquence. It is force. [emphasis mine]. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a terrible master.” (Remember that George himself called out the armed militia to collect whiskey tax.) Police are force – they are armed, and they are empowered to tell you what to do, and they are empowered to and will kill you if you resist!!

    The Garner incident in New York was racial, perhaps, but only in the most peripheral way; the thugscrum of NYCPD that piled upon Garner, continuing their depredations while he repeatedly complained, “I can’t breathe!” would just have happily taken
    down and piled on a white man, an oriental, a Hispanic, or for that
    matter a Martian, for the temerity of selling cigarettes in a non-approved fashion!!
    I don’t know if the “loosies” he was selling were taxed or untaxed –
    his “vendor stand” (on the sidewalk) certainly was not contributing “its fair share” of government baksheesh – and either way he was making it easier for poor New Yorkers to get an occasional smoke when their betters had, with the enactment of punitive tax levels on cigarettes, made it clear to their subjects that smoking was bad for them and not a government-approved action.
    His “sin” would be greater if the loosies were untaxed, as that would be further messing with the government’s revenue (poaching the king’s deer). There is nothing that doesn’t involve explosives that will get you in deeper kim-chi (and quickly) than poaching the king’s deer (or revenue).

    Our government loves its money – loves it to the point of considering that all of the money belongs to the government, and considering it only right that they get to decide how much of their money they allow you to keep and use. And don’t be confused on this – they mean it! Our government will kill any of its citizens mundane residents for a dollar – for one dollar (exceptions are made for Congresspeople, well-known rabble-rousers, and
    secretaries of the Treasury – see Turbo-Tax Timmy Geithner). If you doubt me, try shorting the IRS one dollar, and then resisting their collection efforts. (Stop resisting, mundane. whack whack STOP RESISTING!! bang). Force will be escalated on you for the sake of that one dollar, up to and including lethal force if you do not capitulate! The price of a pack of smokes in NYC is, if I understand correctly, is ±$12.00 per pack, mostly tax. At 20 cigarettes per pack, $12.00/20 = $0.60 per cigarette. Even if all the $0.60 price of a cigarette went to the government, this is an amount that should involve issuing a ticket, not arrest and a death sentence . . . but re-read the last sentence of the paragraph above.

    But, you protest, didn’t a store owner call the police to complain about this inappropriate sale of cigarettes? It is my understanding that one did. And this upstanding citizen was paying his protection money to the appropriate organization, and entitled to have no other vendors on his “corner”. Seems to me that I’ve heard of another organization besides government that sells
    protection and uses violence to enforce exclusivity for those that pay the protection.

    Do liberals think that large government’s gentle
    ministrations will never be turned on them? After years of the
    government harassing and imprisoning smokers of vegetable material other than tobacco, how do they maintain their fevered passion of “more government”? And how can “conservatives” support this sort of lethal “law’n order”? Do you think the TSA’s deep concern and cavity searches accomplish anything but conditioning you to silent compliance? No one but a gauleiter or a member of the commissariat could really support this sort of government dominance!!

    The commenter above me asked if the NYCPD also uses lethal force to collect parking ticket fines – I don’t know, but
    I do know the federal Department of Education pulled a fully armed
    including automatic weapons, door-breaching, dynamic SWAT entry in California over an unpaid student loan!! Rarely a week goes by when somebody or something doesn’t get shot or blown up with a flash-bang grenade, or has the opportunity for some decorative stitching, as combat-armed SWAT teams dynamically enter yet another home.

    That is all citizens! You may now depart unto your residential cubicles. All Hail The Won. His will be done. !Obamagruß!”

  • Martin B

    This December will be peaceful for the Muzz. The protesters who are brave enough to boo a children’s choir won’t dare say boo to any Mohammedan.

    • Uncle_Waspy

      Yeah….takes a lot of courage to harass children – there’s a glimpse into the mind of the narcissistic coward.

  • Xavier

    Is there any possibility that the grand jury – our fellow citizens – having access to evidence we do not, did the right thing? Is there any possibility that Garner and NY law are as culpable as the police?

    • Minicapt

      Because the narrative has been established, and having lost the last two ‘affairs’, the progs are determined to win this one regardless of the cost. Soon petty criminality will become approved social behaviour.


      • Alain

        No, it seems it is already approved social behaviour for the Left which includes the MSM.

    • Exile1981

      Until they release the data I am reserving judgement on this one.