Saudi women who want to drive need “counceling”

Chief of the Hadhlul clan, Abdul Rahman Al-Hadhlul, deputy chairman of the Riyadh Charity Society for the Memorization of the Holy Qur’an, said the women’s driving campaign is part of a Western anti-Saudi initiative.

… He said he supports counseling for women driving activists so that they change their attitude. Their current behavior undermines the unity of the country and incites sedition, he said.

  • So he is taking the soft approach. Women are mentally ill for wanting to drive so as to complete their daily tasks.

    What a maroon.

  • ontario john

    My God, women want to drive now? Next thing you know they will protest if they are beaten by muslim husbands. I’m sure islam will take care of this problem.

  • AlanUK

    He supports “counceling” I support the correct use of the ENGLISH language.
    (As usual the Americans know better with counselling.)

  • Blacksmith

    “Their current behavior undermines the unity of the country and incites sedition” Because in islam their can’t be ANY personal freedom for women they must all be oppressed

  • Linda1000

    I wonder how he would explain that in other Gulf states muslim women drivers seem to exist without causing problems (other than maybe more traffic or car accidents). As we see in videos, Arab male drivers are maniacs on the roads anyway so what does it matter if women drive. Amazing how paranoid muslim men in general are about losing control of their women (their honour/shame mentality). Can’t have “loose women” driving around by themselves.

  • Freedom

    First you let them drive then they will want to vote. What good can come of this? 🙂