Right in our own backyards

Threats do not have to be defined only as murder and mayhem. Threats are the support systems, the enablers, the groups posing as upstanding members of our communities. Just weeks before the terrorists attacks we received death threats here at The Suburban. There is an atmosphere of license that has permeated our national culture where too many dismiss their responsibilities because they want to maintain a false sense of security, or just because they can’t be bothered or out of mercantile expediency.

These thoughts come to mind again as we receive news this week that an RCMP investigation has revealed that a charity, labeled a terrorist support group in 2011, is still in business in Montreal and in Ontario collecting cash from supporters. The International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy, or IRFAN, lost its charitable status in 2011 because of ties to Hamas. According to the Government of Canada it had sent approximately $14.5 million to Hamas and related organizations between 2005 and 2009.

  • tom_billesley

    IRFAN is probably a reverse-engineered acronym. It’s an arabic male given name.

    • I am hoping the MAC gets nailed for this.

      • Linda1000

        Why haven’t all the affiliated offices of IFRAN been shut down? How are they moving the cash out of the country and to whom? Isn’t this like a form of money laundering? Why weren’t individuals who were responsible for running the so-called charity charged previously in 2011? It doesn’t seem like merely taking away tax exempt status by the Gov’t deters their criminal activity. Canada definitely needs to start deporting these people and taking away their Cdn. passports. It’s the only way to start cleaning up some of the immigration mess. This type of criminal activity is part of what the “Muslims Facing Tomorrow” group was talking about in their presentations to the Senate and immigration committees when they said all mosques need to shut down and investigated.

  • James Hamilton

    When it comes to enforcing laws & regulations against mohammedans & their organizations the state becomes a toothless tiger.