Mystery of Bulgaria’s green cat finally explained

He’s been making other cats green with envy but a Bulgarian moggy’s mysterious emerald coat may finally be explained.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well what on earth did they THINK it was?

    • Martians!

      • simus1

        … green synthetic pigment used in paint production ………..
        would make slightly more sense.
        Guess there is now no possibility of ordering a tie dyed puss.

  • DD_Austin

    That cat has no fleas, since it’s been sleeping on the paint

  • Jason

    I wonder if this color will give it a small evolutionary advantage (keeps the fleas away, maybe, or maybe it will appeal to today’s progressive, environmentally friendly cats – after all, conservative cats are so dull, the leftist kitties claim).

    • Ed Ellison

      For the cat’s sake, one can hope that the colour is not toxic.
      A horrible writhing death due to organ failure is not something I wish on any creature.

    • Pip is not dull, he just sleeps a lot;)

      • Jason

        Pip – what a great name for a cat! But with apologies to Dickens, I never thought much of it as a human name.

  • Xavier

    That coat of paint looks awfully consistent. I’d hazard a guess that during licking and grooming, El Cato has ingested the dye which then translocated to its fur.

  • Well, that’s one mystery solved.

    I can sleep better tonight.

  • Maggat

    I’m green with envy.