ISIS sets up training camps in Libya: U.S. admits a ‘couple of hundred’ militants have gathered in country

From Issue 5 of ‘Dabiq’ — allegedly showing a victory parade for ISIS in Derna (Barqah is the district name)

The Islamic State has set up terror training camps in Libya after the U.S. admitted that more than one hundred militants have gathered in the country.

unnamedISIS has already overran large areas of Iraq and Syria and a today a top US general confirmed that the Islamic extremists had set up in eastern Libya with the American military monitoring the situation closely.

Western countries have been increasingly worried that Libya’s political turmoil could provide fertile ground for Islamic extremists, but General David Rodriguez ruled out military action on the ‘nascent’ camps in the immediate future.

The head of US Africa Command told reporters at the Pentagon: ‘They put training camps out there’, referring to ISIS who have seized territory in Iraq and neighboring Syria this year in a brutal and swift offensive of beheadings and forced religious conversions…

From the Financial Times:

Libyans say Isis fighters and their jihadi allies have menaced supporters of Khalifa Haftar, the former general and army commander backed by the Tubruq government, which is locked in a civil war with remnants of the defunct Islamist-leaning parliament in Tripoli, the capital, and its allied militias.

“They have been conducting many actions, the most recent was a statement addressing many of the Libyan tribal leaders giving them a three-day ultimatum to withdraw their support to Haftar’s operations and to the police, otherwise they’ll assassinate them,” Mr Faydi said. “That’s why we expect the violence to escalate in the coming days. In the past three months there were many cases of kidnapping and killing, and it is not going to stop.”