Footage of Muslim supermarket stabbing attack on Israelis

The Palestinian attacker managed to stab 2 Jewish shoppers before he was shot and injured himself. The Israeli store serve both Jews and Palestinians, and also have Palestinian workers.

The attack occurred in the Rami Levy supermarket,situated just east of Jerusalem.

  • James Hamilton

    Soon coming to your neighbourhood in Canada. Courtesy The Canadian govt. and ALL political parties.
    It seems like another shopper, in the orange shirt, got a handgun & shot that scum mohammedan.
    It’s goes to show how important it is to have law abiding armed citizenry around us.
    But our libtard, socialist, leftist loony politicians don’t want us to be safe & worry free they want a scared & frightened population which easier to manipulate.

  • Karmel

    What a son of a bitch. Too bad he didn’t die.

  • DMB

    When law abiding citizens are allowed to carry guns to defend themselves it is then we live in a safer society since the guy with the knife would have done a lot more damage and even kill innocent people.