Chersonn & Molschky: UK Labour Party Twitter account: UKIP full of ‘evil money grabbing Jews’

Tweets from a Labour Party representative reflect blatant anti-Semitism, essentially criticizing UKIP for NOT being anti-Semitic…

  • David Murrell

    Given British politics the way they are these days, saying the “UKIP is full of money grabbing jews” is a net positive. (The Labour party will gain more Muslim voters — and they have lost the pro-Israel votes by this time).

    But anyway, theBritish media will purposely look the other way, when something like this is said by Labour. In Canada, the corrupt media complexpurposely looked the other way when, a few days ago, Justin Trudeau didan interview with ananti-Semti Islamist newspaper.

    • winniec

      Justin has the instincts of a totalitarian and the money of spoiled rich kid. Without his good looks, he’d have nothing.

  • winniec

    If Labour denounces anti-Semitism they’ll get almost no votes from the Muzzies.
    Libtards are riding the Islamic tiger. They hope to control it. Fat chance. Libtards are foolish to make such an unnatural alliance. The question is which side will betray the other first.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    They are just pandering to their base; they don’t really mean anything by it.

  • David

    So when does kristallnacht UK begin?

  • minuteman

    I wonder if any of the labour party are aware that their own party leader is a foreign jew whose father hated the country that gave him refuge from the Nazi’s?

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    ..always the Jooos…what about the Leutonians?