Burn This Bitch Down? No Thanks.

The hurt in the streets is palpable. It is not what it seems to be, however. This is a pivotal moment in the racial history of this country. It is at once a terrible danger and a unique opportunity. I have not yet heard anyone put their finger on what is really at stake here.

What is truly going on in Ferguson and New York and what is it that is echoing across the land? The first thing to acknowledge is that it is not what it appears to be. It has more to do with the last election than with the death of a young man who has already been shown to be a strong-arm thief who tried to take the weapon away from a policeman in Missouri or even the more sympathetic case of a hapless, overweight, asthmatic petty criminal who resisted arrest in New York.

Caught off guard(again!) the bewildered conservative media and blogosphere are obsessed with arguing the facts of the individual cases and cannot quite understand how they cannot get anyone to engage them on that level. They will come to see that it is not about the facts.

This post marks a return by Breath Of The Beast after a long absence from blogging.