British jihadists jailed for 12 years after parents inform police

Mohammed Nahin Ahmed (left) and Yusuf Zubair Sarwar travelled to Syria to join rebel fighters Photo: PA

Mohammed Nahin Ahmed and Yusuf Zubair Sarwar, from Birmingham, sentenced after parents put pressure on them to return home from fighting alongside Islamic extremists

Parents of would-be jihadists have been warned to alert the police before they travel and it is “too late” after two returning fanatics were jailed for more than 12 years.

Mohammed Nahin Ahmed and Yusuf Zubair Sarwar were handed lengthy sentences for spending eight months with jihadists in Syria after a judge described them as “committed and dangerous” terrorists.

Police were waiting for the Birmingham pair on their return to the UK because their parents had reported them to the authorities – in the first case of its kind connected to Syria…

…Detective Chief Superintendent Sue Southern, head of West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, accepted the family must now be in “turmoil” and urged relatives to inform on loved ones as early as possible…

I wonder if this will discourage other parents from coming forward.  Moral: lots of Muslims in the country are a bad idea. Even if only a few are like this it is too many.

  • Blacksmith

    I would modify the comment from “lots of muslms in the country is a bad idea” to ‘muslims in the country is a bad idea’ I am not convinced that muslims can exist peacefully with anyone else. They have had centuries to learn to get along with others and it still hasn’t happened, Oh it may get quiet for a while when they are licking their wounds, but they always return to their hatred and intolerance.

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    They deserve to live in their caves and return themselves to the stone age .