Black Cornell Prof: White Progressives are Race Traitors Committing Race Suicide

“If a white professor was caught delivering a racist rant like this, there would be hell to pay. Much of it is indistinguishable from what you would hear at a Neo-Nazi rally. But academia has decided to elevate and reward black racism.”

  • donnajamaei

    It’s time to split America. Black side, Mexico side, white side, the rest side.

    It’s obvious we can’t continue living in harmony.

    Africans, your side is California and regain your African way of life.

    Whiteys, continue your boganess in mid America, Mexico you can have new York, the rest, Hawaii

    • I think the split will be the sane from the progressives.

  • Pete_Brewster

    As at Jonestown, the revolutionary suicide of the white race in planning by a very small group of wealthy people, mostly white themselves, will be suicide in name only. We are to go extinct whether we like it or not, and the plan is well under way.

    If for some reason you must attend a lecture on critical race theory, politely decline any offered glasses of fruit punch.

    • Frau Katze

      There were lots of blacks at Jonestown. I read a book on it by someone who survived it.

      • Pete_Brewster

        Not a perfect analogy, no. But the survivors tend to agree it was no suicide. It was mass murder on Jim Jones’ orders, a long time in the planning.