AZERBAIJAN: 200 Nakhichevan Muslims arrested, 50 still detained, 50 mosques closed

The authorities in Azerbaijan’s exclave of Nakhichevan continue to restrict freedom of religion or belief even more severely that in the rest of the country, Forum 18 News Service notes. In mid-November, several sources have stated that up to 200 Muslims were arrested. Most were released within one or two days but up to 50 are apparently still in detention, Yafez Akramoglu of Radio Free Europe told Forum 18. Restrictions are particularly tight during the Shia Muslim commemoration of Ashura. As in the past, in November police stood outside mosques and once again prevented young people, especially school children and students, from entering, Malahat Nasibova of the Nakhichevan-based Democracy and NGO Development Resource Centre told Forum 18. Even outside Ashura many state employees – and even employees of many private companies, some of which have ties to state officials – are “too afraid” to attend mosques, Akramoglu and Nasibova separately told Forum 18. Up to 50 mosques – especially those Nakhichevan’s authorities think are oriented towards Iran – appear to have been forcibly closed after the mid-November arrests.

I am not familiar with the publisher of this news, Forum 18 out of Norway is new to me.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If ties to Iran are at issue, then this arguably becomes a matter of national security.

  • At some point we all have to submit to “Islam” or deal with “Islam”. There is no other option.

    Here is how to take down Islam by force.

    1. Stop the muezzin – This constant call to prayers is nothing more than a continual incitement for the most devout Muslims. It badgers “cultural Muslims” into silence on the issue of Islam.

    2 Arrest the mullahs

    3 Close the mosques – demolish most – demolish most minarets

    4 Arrest anyone who tries to enforce sharia law.

    5 Make women equal to men.

    6 All girls to school.

    7 Allow only Muslim cultural customs that are compatible with the 21st century

    8 Do not allow any customs that celebrate violence

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    10 Religion can only be practice at home. No large groups.

    11 Force a reformation of the Koran, Haidith, and Sunnah. Confiscate all Korans.