2 Christian teenagers gang-raped at gunpoint in Pakistan

Two Christian teenage girls have been allegedly gang-raped at gunpoint in Pakistan’s Punjab province, in yet another incident targeting the minority community in the country.

The incident took place yesterday at Jeranwala tehsil in Faisalabad district, some 150 kilometers from here.

The victims’ father told the police that his two daughters – aged 14 and 16 – had gone outside the home to answer nature’s call early yesterday morning as there was no washroom at his house.

  • Sir Barrington Minge

    Seems the rapists were mooslims…so that’s OK…isn’t it?

    • mauser 98

      Punjab would mean Sikh ?

      • David

        In their statement to the police, the girls alleged that a local landlord Muhammad Shabaz and his three accomplices abducted

        Do sikhs normally call themselves muhammad?

    • Likely.

  • Gary

    I think the fact that muslim men don’t even was muslim women pretty well explains islam , plus the fact that 1000’s of muslims flee islamic /Muslim nations and choose to travel 5000+ miles to canada as victims FROM islam as many will also make a Refugee claim FROM sharia and FROM muslim dominated areas.
    I’ll believe that islam=Peace when we see places like gaza, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen , and Qatar have a Refugee Crisis or a flood of illegal Immigrants pouring in to experience all those Human Rights and peace that Sheema Khan told us about when she crusaded for Sharia law in Canada.

  • The Goat

    Is that a picture of Jian Ghomeshi?