Would-be California militant Nicholas Teausant is schizophrenic, lawyer says

Nicholas Teausant

(Reuters) – A California man accused of trying to cross into Canada to eventually join the Islamic State militant group has been diagnosed as schizophrenic, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Nicholas Teausant, 21, was arrested in March as he allegedly headed to the border in hopes of joining Islamic State, which controls large areas of Iraq and Syria and has claimed responsibility for beheading Western hostages.

“We informed the court that we had a doubt about his ability to understand the nature of the proceeding against him,” Assistant Federal Defender Benjamin Galloway said Wednesday.

At a hearing in federal court in Sacramento on Tuesday, Galloway requested a formal competency evaluation for Teausant. The evaluation was not opposed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Jean Hobler, and if approved by the court is expected to be conducted this winter.

On Wednesday, Galloway said he had received a report commissioned by the Federal Public Defender’s office on Teausant’s mental health, which diagnosed him with schizophrenia…

Another case of a mentally ill person being attracted to Islam.