Support Group For Canadians Fighting IS: ‘We Want To Protect North Americans Who Go To Syria’

A newly formed support group for Canadian veterans who want to join Kurdish militias and fight Islamic State (IS) militants says it wants to make sure North Americans are well-informed about what to expect before they go to Syria.

The support group, called the 1st North American Expeditionary Force (1st NAEF), was formed last month in the wake of reports that at least one Canadian citizen had joined the Kurdish militia in Syria and Iraq. The group says its mission is to help Canadians who wish to volunteer by providing advice and practical support.

In a post on its Facebook page on December 3, the group said it was aware of “significant criticisms [of Western veterans traveling to Syria and Iraq to fight with the Kurds] presented by both government and highly respected security experts relating to persons seeking to volunteer to fight [Islamic State] in the Middle East.”

  • Frau Katze

    It sounds like a highly risky thing to do — not advised.

    • favill

      But that’s why they put the uniform on in the first place, FK–it ain’t about the pension plan or the safety. I have a lot of respect for these young men and women–they’re putting their beliefs in action. Much more effective than any twitter post #bringbackourgirls. I hope they stay well and don’t run out of ammo and grenades.

    • David Murrell

      The 1st NAEF sounds like a good idea — the support group for fighters, that is — but the support group might be slammed in our pro-Islamist media (the Star, CTV and CBC News, the Globe and Mail). The media cartel dislike people who fight against Islamist terrorism and war crimes.

    • Justin

      Instead of fighting for muslims against muslims, they should start a Crusader volunteer army whose aim is to protect, arm and train persecuted Christians in the middle east and beyond.

      • favill

        Yeah…see how quickly that organization gets tagged as “terrorist”. You’ll have the NATO air forces and drones hitting them within a week of starting ops against Muslims in general. Maybe even some blue on blue–with Muslim orgs now employing Cdns and Americans hitting them too. Unfortunately, the only ally in the area they would be able to count on, Israel–won’t be able to help them.

  • wallyj180

    Notice that the ‘moderate muslims’ never join to fight against ISIS, only to help them conquer the territory.

    The muzzies will tell anyone that listens that ISIS is not Islam, yet they sit on their hands. They only get bent out of shape when an infidel besmirches the prophet, by drawing cartoons or making cheap you-tube flicks. Chopping heads off and raping women and children in the name of allah is not worthy of too much response.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      “Notice that the ‘moderate muslims’ never join to fight against ISIS…”

      That is an excellent point!
      If it was REALLY believed that ISIS was blaspheming Islam, the Muslims would be lined up around the block to fight them, not to fight FOR them.

      Thank you wallyj180!