Press release: CAIR-Houston Welcomes Resignation of Anti-Muslim Teacher

(HOUSTON, TEXAS, 12/4/14) — The Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today welcomed the resignation of Angela Box, a third-grade teacher who made anti-Muslim remarks on a public access television show.

Box’s resignation was announced today at a board meeting of the Houston Independent School District. Her bigoted statements have included:

  • “Every normal human being in the world thinks that goat-f**king Muslims and boy-f**king Muslims are the evil of the world.”
  • “I am so sick of the bacon-haters coming here and demanding we bend to their culture.”

In addition to her inaccurate and hateful statements about Islam and Muslims, Box appeared to welcome potential harm to President Obama when she said: ‘I’m just going to say what everyone is thinking: can’t Ebola just take one for the team and take out Obama?’

“We welcome Angela Box’s resignation and believe her departure from the classroom will help ensure a bias-free learning environment for students of all backgrounds and beliefs,” said CAIR-Houston Communications Coordinator Ruth Nasrullah. “We are strong supporters of First Amendment rights, but students also have the right to learn in an atmosphere free of bigotry and stereotyping.”

CAIR-Houston previously called on the district to launch an independent investigation of whether Box’s anti-Muslim views are negatively impacting her students.

In October, CAIR asked the principal of a Maryland high school to investigate a teacher who made a series of anti-Muslim statements to his class.

CAIR provides free anti-bullying workshops and offers a booklet, called “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” designed to help school officials provide a positive learning environment for Muslim students.

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SOURCE: CAIR Newsletter.

  • Alain

    Very unfortunate that she caved in and resigned. She should have stayed, since her opinion and comments had nothing to do with her competence as a teacher. Then if fired, she should have sued. There was nothing incorrect or inaccurate in what she said based on the article. Instead she threw in the towel when attacked by the terrorist front CAIR. Had she used Jews instead of Muslims, she would have become a popular item.

    • Jason

      Don’t count her out just yet – this woman has some fire in her, from what I’ve read.

    • Trust me Alain…my rebuttal will be coming real soon. They haven’t silenced me in the least. Check out my FB page or for the latest.

  • Minicapt

    There should be an investigation as why CAIR was permitted to become involved.


  • David

    Totally off topic; just watched michael coren on Sun. If he aint a death cult appeaser well excuse me.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Michael Coren always struck me as insincere; Canada’s Bill O’Reilly

    • James Hamilton

      Many a times I’ve pointed out his ‘mohammedan appeasing attitude’ to him. Which I found is no different from other libtards among us.
      Every time he’ll reply back with only one statement; “There are many muslims who are persecuted in their lands. We need to understand their sufferings.
      Then he would go on length to describe how ‘Ahmadiyyas’ are a peaceful sect of islam who believes in non-violence & coexistence etc. and are being persecuted in Pakistan & some other mohammedan countries for there liberal views.
      He didn’t answered to any of my suggestion of asking these ‘ahmadiyyas’ if they believe in the entirety of ‘koran’. What are their views on implementation of ‘sharia law’ (for mohammedans & Non-mohammedans) in mohammedan ruled countries, what do they think about the equality of women in islam and treatment of Non-mohammedans under sharia law.
      He would just send me a link to his recently published book, ‘Hatred; Islam’s war on Christianity’, which I’ve already read & believe me it’s a piece of garbage, very inaccurate & fallacious.
      I sometimes wonder why this guy is even on Sun News Network.

      • tom_billesley

        Ahmadiyyas have always sucked up to the British for protection from the other muslims, making out they’re “Uncle Tom” muslims, first when they were founded under the British Raj in India, and now that they’ve had to move their HQ to Britain. It’s all taqiyya, as they hold to the same beliefs.

    • Pete_Brewster

      He’s already an appeaser of the gay mafia. May as well appease everyone.

    • You should see his interview with Phyllis Chesler from yesterday’s Arena. It was revolting.

  • Jason

    Why don’t atheists make their own “An Educator’s Guide to Atheistic Religious Practices”? Or Christians? Or Buddhists? Who cares about their damn religious practices? What is so damned special about this stupid ideology that so many people can’t wait to jump to attention and do its bidding? Why do its adherents constantly warrant special treatment in our societies? Is it just a case of the squeaky wheel?

    I am so sick of muslims and their damn whining, complaints and demands for accommodation. And especially sick of those who give into them, time and again.

  • phuque uguugle

    Why does the TRUTH upset them so much.If you choose to be a muzzy then deal with it and stop complaining. mahomad was a pedophile with delusions of grandeur. GET over it.<:o)

  • dingo ate my baby

    i read that statement six times i am still at a total loss as to what was wrong or untruthful about anything she said
    “Every normal human being in the world thinks that goat-f**king Muslims and boy-f**king Muslims are the evil of the world= we have all seen the videos of muslims and goats and donkeys.
    “I am so sick of the bacon-haters coming here and demanding we bend to their culture.”=its true they do hate bacon and they dont assimilate but demand we bend to their culture again the truth

    can’t Ebola just take one for the team and take out Obama?’=who hasnt said this to themselves after he refused to quarantine flight from countries afflicted with ebola?
    once again what did she say that was untruthful or wrong?

  • James Hamilton

    Speaking truth is a crime in modern world.

    • tom_billesley

      ..and a hate crime at that.

  • Pete_Brewster

    The loss is that of the school board, not of Angela Box. God bless and keep her, and grant that all her future endeavours prosper.

    A somewhat more objective report on her resignation is here:

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Angela Box rocks.

  • Roger in Republic

    If raping little boys is an “Islamic religious Practice” then that religion needs to be banned and all of its practitioners locked up. Pedophilia is a crime against multiple generations. It has been proven that abused children grow up to abuse others. Time to start the hangings.