Preoccupied Territory: Palestinian Rock-Thrower Suspended For Steroid Use – humour

Ramallah, December 1 – A Palestinian youth who regularly hurls rocks and other projectiles at Israeli security forces was suspended from further such activity for at least three months on suspicion that he has been using performance-enhancing drugs.

Muhammad Al-Attar, 17, has participated in a gang of violent protesters since his early teenage years, but regulators began eyeing him with suspicion last year after a sudden surge in the range of his rock- and Molotov-cocktail-throwing. The youth at first attributed his increased abilities to a regimen of lifting weights and continued adolescent muscle development, but a urine test last month found traces of a diuretic in his system, a substance often used to flush the body of indications that steroids have been taken.

Al-Attar has already faced a hearing and probation for earlier suspected violations. His first violation was penalized in March of this year, when he was placed on a ten-month probation. The current violation carries an automatic suspension, with no appeal. An investigation of January allegations was closed for lack of evidence…

h/t Marvin