Netherlands: Labour provincial councillor quits over ‘mosque influence’, says the party goes after Muslim vote

A Labour member of Utrecht’s provincial government has left the party, saying the PvdA is not involved sufficiently in ‘activism’ and is ‘too influenced by mosques’.

Bert de Vries describes the Labour party as ‘secular, but every election it runs to the mosque to get votes and put mosque-goers on its list of candidates’.

‘Let us be fair about this,’ he told Radio 1 news. ‘Candidates are partly chosen because of their supporters in the mosques. And that is not the most progressive part of the Netherlands.’

He also criticised the way party members behave towards each other, saying meetings were organised behind his back after his criticism had become known.

De Vries’ resignation comes just days after the party expelled two Dutch Turkish parliamentarians because they disagreed with the official line on integration…

Don’t you wish you could return to the days when you did not know what the Arabic script shown above meant?

  • ericdondero

    Umm, okay. So what party did the guy affiliate with? Is he now an independent? It doesn’t say??

  • simus1

    There is competitive vote whoring going on by Dutch political parties when it comes to catering to those muslims who can supposedly deliver substantial blocks of voters?
    How shocking!
    How appalling!

  • ericdondero

    Blazing Cat editors, I luv you guys. Seriously. But I am continually disappointed by y’all’s lackluster reporting and lack of links in your articles. I run a decent sized political website here in the United States – Libertarian Republican. I often make mistakes. We all do. But you guys really need to tighten up y’all’s ship there. Your loyal readers are concerned.

    • Frau Katze

      The link is on the last sentence. I know the double-underlines make it hard to read, but they are required since we got a content warning on Blogger and are now self-hosting.

      Anything in red without an underline is proper link.

    • Frau Katze

      Some sites use the word “source” for the link. I generally use the entire last sentence, or most of it.

      Hover your mouse over the last line to see the link.

    • Frau Katze

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  • loulou

    You’ve certainty educated us as if we have a masters degree in Arabic affairs.

  • loulou

    All labor parties across the west side with Muslim vote.

    Labor should be taken to high court for false advertising.