Greenfield: Arab Pro-terrorist cartoonist urges Ferguson protesters to cancel Christmas

Cancel Christmas. It’s what Michael Brown would have wanted. Or at least it’s what Carlos Latuff, an Arab settler living in Brazil, mainly known for his violently anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist cartoons, wants.

So far Michael Brown protesters have attacked the Thanksgiving parade and attacked little kids at tree lighting ceremonies. Psychos like Carlos Latuff, along with various Muslim agents at these protests, are predictably tilting this is an overtly anti-Christian direction.

Carlos Latuff’s usual specialty is depicting Jews as Nazis so he’s really stretching himself artistically here. There isn’t even a Nazi anywhere in the cartoon…

The Wiki page on Latuff says he is a virulent anti-Semite but does say anything about Islam, only that he is of Lebanese ancestry.

It also notes that he has been published in the Toronto Star and Le Monde Diplomatique.