Father Raymond J. de Souza: ‘Islamophobia’ is not the problem

Twenty-five years on from the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, there are few apologists for communism left in the West. But even into the 1980s, they were not hard to find…

In the name of a false notion of peace, they preached moral equivalence: The sins of the liberal democracies of the West were inflated to be equal to the atrocities of communism…

Now moral equivalence is coming back, updated for the 21st century…

On the weekend Pope Francis was in Turkey to visit the leader of world Orthodoxy, Bartholomew, Patriarch of Constantinople…

Erdoğan took advantage of the Holy Father’s visit to argue that Western leaders who seek his aid in combatting jihadism need to clean up their own house first. Erdoğan urged the Pope in his welcome address to combat the “the very serious and rapid trend of growth in racism, discrimination, and hatred of others, especially Islamophobia in the West.”

The point was further amplified by Mehmet Görmez, the minister of religious affairs. “We feel anxiety and concern for the future, that the Islamophobic paranoia that has already been spread among Western public opinion is being used as a pretext for massive pressures, intimidation, discrimination, alienation, and actual attacks against our Muslim brothers and sisters living in the West,” he said…

The Orthodox Patriarchate, present in Constantinople since before Islam existed, is being strangled by the state, with heavy restrictions placed on its institutions and freedom of governance. So it is a bit much to hear from Turkey about “Islamophobia” inflaming public opinion abroad when “Christophobia” is practiced by law at home…

  • Pete_Brewster

    Trouble is, Islam won’t go as gently into that good might as communism did.

    Father de Souza is a good man, by all accounts. How can he watch the Pope break bread with Muslim murderers and remain in the Church of Rome?

    • Because he is a servant of God and Pope Francis is the successor of Saint Peter.

      Father de Souza’s article is spot-on in so many respects. We are witnessing the extinction and diaspora of communities that pre-date Islam. Why would a Christian or Yazidi or Jew be “phobic” in worrying that his death is imminent and will go unavenged? Why is another Muslim “phobic” for worrying that a mere trip to the market may be the last time he ever sees his family? As long as there is a narrative to defend, the left will never answer these questions.

  • Girón

    It’s time forthe Islamic community to have Christophobia lessons. They’re so racist!

    Report your Christophobicks today!

    • dingo ate my baby

      i really hope they dont get christophobia they kill and destroy over a cartoon all they know is violence lets not give them one more reason to kill people they have enough already lol.
      besides they are untouchable its only non muslims that get into trouble for fearing them not the other way round.

  • pop
    • dingo ate my baby

      kind of odd isnt it?
      if i had to have a guard i would preffer a tough hard as nails no nonsense
      guy in charge.
      sounds like he had one but didnt appreciate it

  • dingo ate my baby


    Make it that no place on earth is safe/available for islam’s Submitters to “FART @ HEAVEN“
    it will be impossible to eradicate islam even if you use nukes there will always be some kind of bacteria or cockroach left behind.
    in a way he is correct a phobia is an irrational fear of something even when you know that logically that something cannot hurt you.
    so not wanting to be raped,or blown up,or decapitated etc is not a phobia because every day the muslims rape kill decapitate crucify people.
    the real problem is people who are politically correct and enforce it on everyone else.