Arrest of burqa-wearing woman in Dubai who stabbed American mom, Ibolya Ryan 37 to death

Video here.

American teachers in Abu Dhabi were warned that jihadis were threatening to kill them just weeks before a 47-year-old was stabbed to death in a mall by a burqa-wearing murderer, it emerged today.

Every American in the United Arab Emirates was warned today step up their security today after the kindergarten teacher was stabbed to death by a knife-wielding murderer in a burqa.
Ibolya Ryan, a mother of twin 11-year-old boys, was left dying in a pool of blood by the murderer after what police said was a ‘brawl’ in the toilets of a mall.

Detectives today released CCTV footage which showed how the suspect – whose gender they say they have not confirmed – lay in wait for the teacher for an hour.
It suggests strongly the attack was a targeted murder. Witnesses today told MailOnline the victim had been stabbed up to six times.

  • Justin

    Why would some white non-muslim person go into a muslim country and try to work there or volunteer there in this day and age???

    • Frau Katze

      I wonder about that myself. But places like Dubai have large non-Muslim populations in residence. That might change if enough ISIS-inspired loons keep this up.

    • Joe

      The MONEY $$$$. Much of it Tax Free.

      • mobuyus

        Teachers going to foreign lands to teach are not fully qualified to teach at home,They will tell you it is about the travel as much as the teaching.Much may be tax free because they do not earn very much$$$.

        • Alain

          Possibly true for some but far from true for all. I happen to know a few and I myself was one, having taught in Canada fully qualified and abroad by choice, and again in Canada after my return. Still I would never have accepted a post in a Muslim country nowadays.

  • LauraS

    The media coverage describes the murder as the result of a “brawl” or “altercation,” which implies the victim contributed to her own death. Would be interesting to learn if the “brawl” consisted of a enraged attack by the terrorist and the poor woman trying to defend herself. I’m betting the MSM are skewing coverage to protect Islamists…again.

  • ntt1

    Doesn’t seem to move like a woman, wouldn’t be the first cross dressing jihadi

  • Hard Little Machine

    She wanted to experience what an Islamic country was like.

    Mission Motherfucking Accomplished.

  • Solo712

    Probably done in by some lone she-wolf who forgot to take her meds, if indeed the whitey do-gooder did not bring it upon herself by badmouthing the prophet while taking a leak.

    • mobuyus

      I only badmouth the prophet when I shit.

  • Bataviawillem

    If the attacker laid in wait for an hour it is in the relational sfeer.