UK: Muslim groups urge Lord Carey not to share platform with Mufti of Egypt

Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawky Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam warns against targeting Azhar institution and its head. (Al Arabiya)

Muslim organisations in the UK sent a letter to the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey criticising the decision to allow the current Mufti of Egypt, Shawki Ibrahim Allam, to speak at a public event in Westminster and urging him to reconsider sharing a platform with him.

A number of Muslim organisations signed a letter requesting Lord Carey not to partake in a meeting organised by a UKIP MEP on youth radicalisation with an individual who is not “recognised as a leading religious figure”, “does not represent Islam” or “Islamic values” following his failure to speak out against the massacre of unarmed protestors in 2013.

The letter also cites the well documented massacres of unarmed protesters following Egypt’s military coup, and the imprisonment of dissidents along with the cases of torture, rape and sexual violence against children by the military which were not condemned by Sheikh Allam even though he represents the great and respected institution of Al-Azhar…

These will be groups aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and thus furious at the current administration in Egypt. There are so many Muslims in the West now that their internecine battles are affecting us.

The news source — Middle East Monitor — appears to have an MB bent too. I cannot locate any information about it but by glancing at the articles it appears to virulently anti-Israel and pro-Muslim Brotherhood.

  • winniec

    The Grand Imam of Al Azhar University has more influence than the Mufti of Egypt, but the Mufti is still a very significant authority on Islam. Hopefully, he will confess that Islam’s jihad against disbelievers is what is motivating ‘extremists’. But I am not counting on him admitting anything. Muslims are dishonest about jihad when they talk to kafirs. Jihad is not a fringe part of Islam or an appendage. It constitutes a main obligation for a believer. Some Western Leftists wish to interpret this term in a reductionist manner, as if jihad were merely inner, spiritual warfare, a battle against one’s passions and instincts.

    But no, the Islamic texts are clear: it is well-and-truly a fight with the sword and so it’s not by accident that Saudi Arabia or well-known Islamist groups present a sword on their crests. Islam is imposed by force and generally has only yielded to force. It’s a fact: historically, Islam was spread by coercion and by violence.

    The Muslim is inwardly certain he is right and possesses the truth. As a consequence, this conviction produces the cold determination that one day he will succeed in conquering the whole world against all odds. Nothing can stop it. For Islam is counting on time.

    Westerners have to stop kidding themselves.