The Firestarter of Berlin

Meet Imam Kamouss, the handsome, popular, self-proclaimed moderate Muslim preacher who has become the face of intolerance and terror across Germany.

BERLIN — On an unseasonably warm day in early October, off a busy artery that cuts through the heart of Berlin’s Wedding neighborhood, the voice of Imam Abdul Adhim Kamouss rings out of Bilal Mosque.

Inside, men and women sit in a narrow, carpeted room. Africans, Germans, Pakistanis, and Turks are on hand to listen to the 37-year-old Kamouss, a Moroccan preacher who seamlessly translates the Quran into German, his words punctuated by a French lilt.

“On this Day of Arafah, the Prophet Mohammed says God will come down and forgive all your sins — all except those who carry hate and spite in their hearts,” Kamouss bellows, describing the Islamic holy day. “God said he created us with different languages, cultures, backgrounds so we can get to know one another. How can we get to know one another if we don’t open up to each other?”