Shocker! Muslims unpopular in Germany, says survey

Giant, ugly, mosque in Cologne.

One in five people in Germany has a migration background. While Germans identify positively with their country, Muslims are often excluded, a new study shows.

There is now little difference in the way Germans perceive their national identity, regardless of whether or not they have a migration background. Eighty-five percent of those who took part in a comprehensive survey said that they agreed with the statement “I love Germany,” according a study released by the Humboldt University in Berlin on Wednesday.

“This counters the notion we have held for decades that Germany perceives its identity in a negative way,” the university announced in a press release… The study showed that the more strongly respondents to the survey identified their identity with Germany, the less likely they were to accept Muslims as part of German society.

Just under half of those questioned thought that teachers should not wear headscarves in schools. Forty-two percent said they thought there should be limits on how many new mosques are built in Germany, while 60 percent were in favor of banning the practice of circumcising young boys. More than a quarter of those who took part in the survey said that they thought Muslims were more aggressive than them.

…Aydan Özoguz, Germany’s integration minister, spoke about the dangers of discrimination and stereotyping at the presentation of the study in Berlin on Wednesday. She warned that right-wing populists use these predjudices to benefit their own extremist activities. “We must all, particularly within politics, work to consciously oppose these false images, predjudices and stereotypes,” Özoguz said.

Many of the immigrants are other Europeans from the EU. The study (link in the text) is long and in German. But Deustche Welle can be counted on for the best spin possible.