Reports: Police car set afire at Brooklyn’s 77th precinct; NYC protesters shut down all lanes of West Side highway; arrests underway

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  • BillyHW

    I’d almost like to have sympathy in this particular case, but why are there always 30+ previous arrests?

    • Clausewitz

      Yeah I also view this police action with the choke hold is indeed sketchy. However it still doesn’t provide the mobs in NY a justifiable excuse for doing what they do. Also doesn’t when Obama’s attitude is just “Party on Garth”.

  • ☭ Vladimir Putin ☭

    I put choke holds on bears.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Somewhere Sister Chirlane is snickering at her own joke.

  • Just a thought

    “Community Organizing” goes national. I have no doubt the putz in the White House is orchestrating this.

    • mauser 98

      damn right… just ooohhh so convienient

  • winniec

    Foolish to offer any resistance to police. If they have any reason to think you’ll hurt them, you will get hurt. This huge man thought he could resist 5 cops.

  • winniec

    The cops need some non-lethal restraint technology. If you get a big guy’s ankles together, he’ll be down fast.

    • Just a thought

      RE – “killer” choke holds. It probably wouldn’t have been, for most people. Sometimes you have no choice but to use force, and the more resistance you get, the more force needs to be applied. Sad, but true.

      This makes sense to me.

      • Xavier

        The qualified medical information I’ve heard – not by amateurs being armchair judge and jury – says that particular police hold is supposed to cut off blood flow to the brain by putting pressure on the carotid artery. Additionally, according to the autopsy, Garner’s windpipe wasn’t crushed.

        I’d also like to point out Garner had been arrested a number of times before for the same offense. The left’s narrative that the police targeted a random person innocently selling cigarettes on the street is a lie; the police and Garner had been through this many times.

        As much as I despise Wikipedia, even they say “Garner had a criminal record that includes more than 30 arrests dating back to 1980 on charges such as assault, resisting arrest, grand
        larceny. An official said the charges include multiple incidents in which he was arrested for selling unlicensed cigarettes.”

        And I can tell you from personal experience: do not ever do anything that can be construed as resisting arrest. It gives them carte blanch to beat the kcuf out of you. You alone are responsible for keeping yourself alive, unbattered, and out of jail.

        • Just a thought

          “justifiable” homicide, even by a hair’s breath, is still justifiable. If he resisted, he is indeed the one who caused his own demise. After all, what are the police to do? “Oh, he’s to sick to arrest, let him keep breaking the law.” I don’t think so.

  • David Murrell

    Channel-surfed onto CNN News last night (Wednesday night), and the pro-Obama network was hyping the story, doing one-sided interviews with the protestors. Perhaps CNN wants Ferguson-styled leftist violence in New York City, too.

    • jayme

      Yet i did not hear must about the young white man who got killed in St Louis.