March elections called in Sweden as government collapses

Sweden will hold fresh elections in March following the collapse of its centre-left government after two months in power.

A period of political uncertainty in the normally stable Nordic country has begun after the populist, anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats joined the centre-right opposition to vote down the government’s budget.

“I cannot let the Sweden Democrats dictate the terms. I think this is irresponsible and would be unprecedented in Swedish political history,” Stefan Löfven, the Social Democrat prime minister, said. Mr Löfven’s government will go down as the second shortest-lived administration in Swedish history after a day of political drama in Stockholm.

The opposition centre-right’s budget was passed, with the help of the Sweden Democrats, who shocked the establishment by coming third in September’s elections with nearly 13 per cent of the vote.

The rise of the populist party, which wants to cut immigration by 90 per cent, has plunged Sweden into its worst government crisis in decades and strained traditional consensus politics as it faces its first snap election since 1958…

What a shame. And they just got finished recognizing Palestine as a state.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Once a nation begins to lose its identity that is when nationalism to me should be favoured because the nation goes in a direction which appears to anger much of the populace and they cannot take it anymore. Nationalism is something I favour nowadays because it appears in much of the West that a lot of economies are failing, especially in Europe, and to much of the people living in European countries they feel that major parties have failed. To a lot of the people living in Europe, the economies are also seen to be like Ponzi schemes. Remember that when manufacturing leaves a nation there really isn’t much for the nation to make and it must rely on its resources and the service economy. Nationalism is usually the way to use tariffs to draw back the lost industries. You could say based on that notion that free trade was the worst thing for Western nations to accept, as it also allowed China to exploit cheap labour to easily take Western industries. Of course, I favour centrist nationalism over the usual right wing nationalism which uses immigration as a vehicle to draw up racial tensions and doesn’t attack the things that caused the problems in the first place. The Swedish Democrats won’t end usury which I want to have happen. They won’t commit to a non-interventionist foreign policy. They are very much only the typical anti-immigration parties. Of course I don’t favour massive immigration. I favour close to zero but I won’t use it to stir up tensions. The Swedish Democrats don’t seem to also advocate for massive anti-globalism or massive protectionism which I think would benefit the nation. The Swedish Democrats are just after stirring the pot but not for improving the nation-state and freeing up Sweden.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Gotta start somewhere.

  • pdxnag

    Suiciders versus anti-suiciders? That this is the choice is truly insane.

    It cannot be true that 87 percent favor becoming a victim to an Islamo-Fascist assault. An assault as thoroughly vicious as any IS/ISIS/ISIL assault on any populace not Islamic enough. Importing your own Islamic executioners is the fastest path toward suicide.