Evil Magic Of White Skin Turned Canadian Society Racist Claims Elementary Teacher’s Organization

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario has been drinking some serious Voodoo Kool-Aid.

The Search for Racism – It grows more desperate and trivial.

The self-appointed champions of “civil rights” render the term racism increasingly meaningless. Where juries see self-defense, they see homicidal racial animus. They turn aggressors into victims and demand that society accord the victims the status of heroes, deserving of memorials in public schools, a suggestion that the White House recently touted for Michael Brown.

Brandon Darby Breaks Down Critical Race Theory And How Leftist Protests Operate

The left believes, as defined by the Peoples Institute founded by Ron Chisom, a critical race theorist, “that capitalism in its truest form is white supremacist,” said Darby. “Any system that is about hording and looking out for each other, taking for yourself and not sharing, is in fact a white supremacist system.” On the other hand, Darby contends that the left believes that “people of color” are more aligned with a system based on sharing and community.

According to Darby, any belief in a system that looks out for oneself and promotes individual freedom and achievement is a “white supremacist system according to the left.” Darby explained that the derivation of hording came from white European cultures who were forced to horde goods to hold them over for the fiercely cold winters.

“So if you want to be anti-racist, you have to accept and promote systems that came from communities of color and temperate climates, where everyone shared and looked out for each other. So anything that is about capitalism and individualism is in fact white supremacy,” Darby explained.