Don’t order the steak…

Now THAT is street food: San Francisco Chinese restaurant caught tenderizing frozen meat by slamming it on the sidewalk

  • simus1

    It’s not about tenderizing anything. The shipment must have been late or not left out at closing to thaw by their opening up for lunch. So the “ice meat” was being fractured into smaller pieces so it could then be worked more easily with cleavers.

  • glasnost

    Is that called beating your meat?

    Somebody had to say it.

  • James Hamilton

    Hygiene & Chinese doesn’t go well together.
    It reminds me of ‘John Masters’ superb biography; ‘Bugles and a Tiger’.
    Writing about the life of British officers in the then British-Indian Army of early 20th century he tells how a British officer’s wife use to take pride at the cleanliness & culinary skills of her Chinese cook, compared to the indian cooks who infamous for their crummy habits, until one day when showing around her kitchen to some fellow officer’s wives she founds to her horror the Chinese cook washing his feet in cauldron use to prepare soup.

  • ntt1

    not a bad idea, I do the same with chicken pieces but inside on the chopping block, it scares the shit out of the cats. The problem there is the previous uses that piece of sidewalk might have been used for, apart from that it makes sense.