Bangladesh: Awami League men swoop on Hindus, vandalise temple

unnamed-19Ruling party [Awami League] men attacked and vandalised the houses and temple of Hindu people following a dispute over construction of a school at Donarkani village in Gournadi upazila on Monday.

At least 13 people were injured during the incident, said Gournadi police.

Yesterday, Abinash Sarkar, a retired schoolteacher, president of Donarkandi Government Primary School managing committee, filed a case, accusing 64 people in connection with the incident.

Of the accused, four were arrested, said Abul Kalam, officer in-charge of Gournadi police station…

The Awami League is supposedly more secular that the opposition.

  • Exile1981

    I worked with a guy from Bangladesh who immigrated to Canada, He said his home country was a civil war waiting to happen and he said construction practices were very shoddy and bribery was a fact of life.

  • Real Truth

    Indian media would never talk about this, bloody traitors, sold to middle east..

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