Australia: Bendigo mosque protester claims other mosque objectors face death threats, intimidation

An artist’s impression of the proposed Bendigo mosque.

THE lead objector against a mosque planned for Bendigo has denied that she is a racist or a bigot, saying her concerns are purely on planning grounds.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal was hearing the third and final day of an appeal by residents against Bendigo Council’s decision to approve the city’s first mosque in Rowena St, Bendigo East.

Julie Hoskin was quizzed by Emily Porter, representing the Australian Islamic Mission which is behind the plan, on her initial letter of objection to the council in which she expressed concern about the proposed mosque.

In her letter, Ms Hoskin said granting a permit for an Islamic mosque was the same as granting a permit for Sharia Law.

“The Islamic Council exploits the fact that most democratic societies are foolishly ignorant concerning Islam and the various and oppressive facets of that system,” Ms Hoskin wrote…