Atlanta area: Kennesaw City Council denies mosque in shopping center

The City Council denied a request by Muslim residents to use space in a retail shopping center as a prayer center by a 4-1 vote Monday night, with Councilwoman Cris Eaton-Welsh voting in favor.

Doug Dillard, the attorney representing the applicant, Suffa Dawat Center at Kennesaw, said the council’s denial was a blatant attack on the applicant’s First Amendment rights to practice religion freely. Dillard said the applicant, Mufti Islam, will fight back, and he has plans to bring a lawsuit against the city.

“We think it’s discriminatory, and it violates equal terms,” Dillard said. “They had no reason to deny this.”

Nayyer Islam, who represents the mosque, said they will continue to fight for their right to worship in the retail center. “We’ll follow all the legal ways to continue to get the permit,” Islam said.

Eaton-Welsh said the applicant did everything he could. “I’m saddened,” Eaton-Welsh said. “The amount of anger that has come out of this was not something I ever thought Kennesaw was all about.”

The application asked for the use of a 2,200-square-foot suite in a shopping center off Jiles Road as a prayer hall for Muslims…

  • Martin B

    This picture warms my heart – Tammy Pacheco of Acworth & Kylista Rodriguez of Kennesaw lead a group of anti-mosque protesters:

  • Sean

    Wow, the only vote for was from a woman with a foolishly spelled first name and a hyphenated last name. Who would have ever thought….?

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      “foolishly spelled first name and a hyphenated last name”
      Nyuck nyuck 🙂

  • Canadian Born

    I wish Canada would follow this but this country won’t and that is a shame.