UK: Turner Prize switches to video: Irish artist wins award for film about African art, and wait for it, colonialism

Irish artist Duncan Campbell has been named winner of this year’s Turner Prize for a video that tackles African art and colonialism. [The photo above is taken from the video.]

unnamed-20Damien Hirst’s winning 1995 entry included a cow and a calf cut in half and preserved in formaldehyde

Mr Campell’s video, ‘It for Others’, was inspired by a 1953 documentary about African art, featuring a dance sequence created with choreographer Michael Clark.

However his £25,000 win comes following criticism this year’s nominees have turned the event into one that is ‘sober, respectful, polite, middle aged’ and lacks the fun and excitement of previous entries…

Isn’t colonialism getting a little stale? Perhaps this is what is meant by ‘sober, respectful, polite, middle aged.’ It is just not art if it isn’t grotesque and ugly, like the cow thing. Yuck.