Sweden: Malmo Sees 4th Bomb Blast This Week

“In 2011, Malmö had 13 bomb explosions in just six months. In the first five months of 2014, the Muslim-dominated city had five hand grenade explosions alone — on top of other kinds of bombs. In a recent interview in connection with another bomb that damaged several cars and house facades with hundreds of deadly shrapnels, a Bosnian refugee living in Malmo sad: “What I fled from in 1992, has now arrived here.” The bomb is the fourth bomb this week and the 35th within the last year. There have been 90 shootings in Malmo until now in 2014. All in all there have been 208 shootings in the tree biggest cities in Sweden – Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo – in which 14 have been shot to death.”

h/t Nicolai Sennels