Silly person writes something silly about Islam

Should we use “jihadist” to describe the Islamic State?

Aside from Islamic scripture explicitly endorsing the actions of the Islamic State the old “The vast majority of Muslims live in peace” canard is trotted out yet again. Note that Islam’s apologists always fail to mention that the vast majority of Muslims live in Islamic nations that routinely persecute religious and ethnic minorities be they Christian, Muslim or other, put apostates to death, deny women rights under sharia law, harass, jail and or murder homosexuals… well I could go one but you know the story well.

The vast majority of Muslims do not live in peace in any way shape or form, anywhere, they live under Islam’s violent supremacist ideology. To suggest otherwise is the denial of useful idiocy.

  • Frau Katze

    I come across these articles by the score. I’ve largely stopped posting them. I be at all day.

  • Sir Barrington Minge

    So true. Anybody living under sharia law cannot by definition be living in peace simply because (as I understand it) sharia enshrines violence in “law”. Stoning, chopped hands, death for all sorts of minor crimes, subjugation of women, etc etc.

    • Absolutely, which explains the rampant persecution of religious and ethnic minorities in Muslim states, discrimination is often enshrined civil law as well as mandated by the Koran.

  • winniec

    65% of Muslims (the vast majority of them) have the same two goals as ISIS: 1) a caliphate 2) strict Sharia. Sharia law has vicious, violent punishments for almost everything. Sharia law’s violence sends the ‘peaceful Islam’ theory flying out the window! Islam is violent against lax Muslims and violent against the disbelievers and violent against women.
    “Kill the disbelievers…until they become Muslims” -Koran 9.5

  • pdxnag

    The vast majority of Muslims living in Islamic State have been purified of people who were insufficiently Islamic.

    • bverwey

      That’s the rub. Good point pdxnag indeed and one not at all that visible to the sheep or should I say goats. Good find FK, sign sais it all, that is to the vast majority of Muslims that are living in pieces.

  • moraywatson

    Peace is to submission,
    What violence is to freedom.

  • Xavier

    Somalia. 100% Moslem. No troubles there, eh?