Pillar Of GTA Muslim Community Dr. Nazi Khatatba Calls Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre “Courageous”

Thank you Mr. Government, Muslim immigration was a swell idea!

How bout we just open the door to the world’s criminally insane? I suspect they might at least try to integrate.

  • winniec

    You mean when I stab elderly men at prayer in the back with knives and hatchets I BECOME A HERO? A hero of psychopaths on death row, maybe.

    What psychiatric hospital did this maniac come from? And yes, how did this sociopath get residency in Canada? Anyone from a cousin marriage needs a headcheck!

    And where are all the Muslims disagreeing with him? (…silence…)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Shoot him and burn his family alive.

    • winniec

      He should be charged with hate speech and soliciting genocide.

  • BillyHW

    But just think of all the great cab rides.

  • Jay Currie

    Hmmm….is he a citizen? If not then his comments would be a basis for a) denying citizenship, b) sending him back to whichever Muslim hellhole he crawled out of. If he is a citizen it might be worth taking a very careful look at the information he presented on his background when he applied for citizenship.

    You will remember the cases of various concentration camp guards who were, mistakenly and by fraud, granted citizenship. We got rid of them rather rapidly.

  • Kahanechai