Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner ‘died in Syria’

The chief investigator pursuing Alois Brunner, one of the world’s most wanted German Nazi war criminals, has told the BBC that he is “99% sure” that he died four years ago in Syria.

“We cannot prove it forensically, but we are certain that is the case,” Nazi-hunter Efraim Zuroff said.

SS captain Brunner, who would now be 102, is accused of deporting more than 128,000 Jews to death camps in WWII.

For many years there has been uncertainty as to whether he is dead.

  • Frau Katze

    A number of Nazi’s ended up in the Middle East. Some, I’ve heard, even converted to Islam. Not surprising, really, if hating Jews is the driving factor in your life.

    • Destroyer-Drone

      Johann von Leers was one of those, he became Omar Amin and worked on Nasser’s propaganda. He was an alter kämpfer and a member of the SS. Ahmed Huber is worth mentioning too.

  • David Murrell

    When I was a little boy growing up in Western Pennsylvania, my great-grandmother was still alive, and I remember as a 4 or 5 year old visiting her when she was bedridden in her last year of living. She was roughly 100 years old then, and apparently (I do not remember her telling me her childhood stories) she would recall her American Civil War days, of first Confederate cavalry troops riding through her small village in central North Carolina, and then, later on, American union troops marching theough her village.

    A curious tale, to be sure, but, then, my pro-South great-grandmother was a 10-year-old lady, alive but nothing more. Similarly, the Nazi fugitive Alois Brunner is, or was, nothing more than a 102-year-old man, a relic, a curiosity of a forgotten time, just like my great-grandmother was in 1953.

    It is best to forget about these relics, and concentrate on the new Nazism of today, the militant Islamists who troop around in black uniforms, in black masks. Indeed, this BCF site, today depicts one or two photos of these Nazi-fascists. These new Nazis of today believe in exactly the same Nazism as did Adolph Hitler. We should be fighting the latter, and their apologists like the New York Times, President Obama and CBC News.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Pity. The Nobel Committee can’t give prizes to dead people. Oh well, better luck next time.

  • Exile1981

    If there is any justice he is in a special part of hell for all of eternity.