MPP Randy Hillier’s Son Joins Kurds In Fight Against ISIS

The Afghan War veteran son of a Canadian MP has posted footage of himself with Kurdish fighters after travelling to Iraq to join their fight against the so-called Islamic State terror group.

Dillon Hillier, 26, whose father Randy is a Progressive Conservative member of the Ontario provincial legislature, is one of around half a dozen Canadian veterans understood to have travelled to the region.

Video posted online by the former professional soldier show him putting his training to good use by bandaging a Kurdish fighter who has been shot in the face during a clash with jihadis.

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  • winniec

    If Turkey will stop supporting ISIS, it will be defeated sooner.

    • Petrilla

      Turkey should be thrown out of NATO and every other civilized organization it has ever been allowed into under pretense. Turkey is not a friend, it is an enemy. Remember everything their PM has said, they always tell you the truth. You must have ears to hear. Erdogan cannot help himself, he wants the Ottoman Empire back… any cost.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    These guys apparently could face complications because of the PKK’s terrorist designation. And of course, joining in to Muslim on Muslim killing (their natural activity as savages) will end badly as, make no mistake, both sides hate infidels.

    • Petrilla

      Make sure you know your PKK or other designations. The ones defending Kobane are different. What is important is saving Kobane from IS. Too few, but maybe they will succeed. The saddest thing I read was the 19 year old teenager, yes Furgusonites, said she had no thoughts for her future. She is not raiding stores for a 70 inch TV, or burning a whole town for hatred of white people, she is fighting to save a town and its people. From ultimate destruction. And if a Canadian soldier is there with them,I say Yes! Fight your fight and welcome home.

  • Petrilla

    Brave soldier, probably couldn’t stand it any more. I hope he meets the 19 year old female soldier and her female group fighting to save Kobane. Daily Mail today, where she met her father who is also fighting. What a brave little group they are, the females who have joined to fight IS. Stop calling them ISIS or ISIL or what they want you to call them. They are IS. Islamic State, even though MSM wants you to be confused, nothing to do with Islam. Islamic State, they call themselves, want their own money and their flag. Are there any decent western journalists left? I wonder. If a Canadian soldier trained, w#nts to fight against our enemy, let him and welcome him back. If a muslim born in Canada, given every chance of every Canadian, in our schools and our society goes to fight with IS, our enemy, he should never be allowed back. I await all comments from the Justin Trudeau crowd.